4-County Cash Back Program

4-County Cash Back is a program designed to support businesses in Custer County during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Read below for how businesses can be involved in the 4-County Cash Back Program!

We’ve Sold Out! In just one week, the 4 County Cash Back Program has sold $200,000 in gift certificates to businesses in Custer County. With the 50% from Custer Economic Development, that’s $300,000 in small business support in just one week! Thank you for all your support and we’ll be sharing the details of impact very soon! 4 County Cash Back is a direct response to the COVID-19 pandemic and it’s impact on local businesses. CEDC and our partners will be matching gift certificate purchases by 50% beginning Tuesday, April 21st.For a list of “Frequently Asked Questions”, visit our FAQ page here. 4-County Cash Back is proudly presented by Custer Economic Development Corporation with the generous startup contributions of partners including Dr. Leon and Dixie Books, Nebraska State Bank and Trust, Custer Federal State Bank, Arnold Insurance, Grocery Kart, Gary’s SuperFoods, Bruning Bank, Flatwater Bank, Great Western Bank, Runza Restaurants, Evans Feed Company and Sennett, Duncan, Jenkins & Wickham.

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