Photo courtesy of Rob Kugler

Our community is small. We don’t have Walmart or Target, Red Rocks or the Orpheum, beaches or mountains. How to we compete with that?

We play a different game. We focus on what we do have.
Instead of suburbs, we have communities – each with their own flavor and atmosphere, each more welcoming than the last.
Instead of “Name Brands” we have a first-name basis. We have stores where you browse the shelves and happen into a great conversation with the owner or a friend.
Most importantly, we don’t’ find our joy by spending money, it’s found in spending time. Time with family, friends and even in the peace of time along.
We have the necessities covered in our communities but we also get to enjoy the unique, locally-owned shops. We attend events and support causes that are championed by the people that live next door and we do this because we know them. The relationships we have here absolutely outweighs the “Starbucks Latte” other folks like to brag about.